Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Carnival

Ellie and Cooper went to visit Great Grandma Jones at the carnival done by Legacy.  Ellie got to ride on a pony.

Take a few shots at the dunking booth and the range.

Cooper got to meet one of his Great Grandmas

Ellie and Great Grandma playing dress-up and Cooper even got in on the action.

Monday, June 20, 2011

My Chunky Monkey

One Month Old!

Cooper was officially one month old Saturday! I can't believe it has already been that long. It seems like yesterday that we were in the hospital and yet it feels like we can't remember life without him. Here are some things about Cooper at one month:

Height: 23 inches
Weight: 12.2 pounds
Clothes size: He still barely fits in 0-3 months
Eating: He eats every 3-3 1/2 hours during the day sometimes 4-5 hours during the night
Sleeping: He's really only awake for about 6 hours a day maybe? but it's getting to be more.
Nicknames: Buddy, Brother, Coopy, Coop-the-poop, Son
What he is up to:
Cooper LOVES to eat (as you can tell).
He has horrible baby acne and very sensitive skin. He likes his baths but only if I turn on the faucet so he can hear the running water. If not, he screams during the whole thing.

Right after Cooper's First Bath at home
We go through a LOT of diapers! He likes to make us think he's finished and then let another few fly. It is pretty rare that we change a diaper that is just "wet".
He hates his car seat and cries quite often in the car even while we are driving.
Cooper loves his swing and he really likes to hear noises around him. One morning, Ellie had slept over at my parents' house and Cooper couldn't go to sleep because there wasn't any background noise. I had to turn on the TV so he could drift off.
He loves his binky, but still spits it out a lot.
His big sister makes him happy. She was sitting on his blanket talking to him one day and when she got up to go to her room, he started to cry.
He likes to be swaddled and he likes to be really warm.
Right now he sleeps in our bed because he hates the Pack 'n' Play bassinet. He likes to have my pillow or arm against the top of his head. When he's hungry he'll grunt and scoot right up next to me in his "baby burrito wrap". There have been a few nights I thought I was going to end up on the floor.
He is really a laid back kid. He doesn't cry nearly as much as Ellie did.
He loves being on his tummy and he can lift his head pretty well already. He lifts his bum and pushes with his legs.

Cooper's Birthday
Upon leaving the hospital Friday, Cooper had lost some weight and was down to 7 pounds 13 ounces. The doctor had us go in when he was 5 days old (Monday) to do a weight check. He was 8 pounds 1 ounce. Then at his two week visit, he was 9 pounds 6 ounces. The doctor made us re-weigh him on a different scale because he didn't think he would've gained so much. Normal weight gain is about an ounce per day and he gained 21 ounces in nine days. It was the same and the doctor told me I was just producing cream.
We love our little buddy and are so glad he came to our family.

Friday, June 17, 2011

"The Talk"

It is never too early to have "the talk" with your kids.

Thanks Kristan!

Swimmin with Windu

*All those who don't own dogs may think it's disgusting to share a pool between kids and dogs. Windu doesn't really sit in the pool for long though, so it's not like there is hair everywhere in the water. Ellie doesn't stay in the pool for long either! Can't wait until Cooper is big enough to play in there with her.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dear Pajama Pants Pocket,

Why did you have to be so shallow? My phone did nothing to you and you threw it right into the toilet! Then I had to use a substitute phone that dropped calls after one minute while my phone tried to dry off in rice for five days. You cost me contacts that weren't saved to my SIM, pictures, and my Chuck ringtone. The phone I wanted to get to replace your supposed enemy was on AT&T's website as a free phone, but it didn't work out to be once we tried to check out. So, you also cost us the time to go in to the AT&T store to pick another and $9.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate. Please keep a better grip on this one. Or better yet, don't even think about me trusting you with my phone again!
Regretfully yours,

I would like to apologize to anyone I may not have answered or haven't contacted recently.
Please forgive me. I may not even have your number anymore. My number is the same though and feel free to call or text anytime now. :)
My new phone- Samsung Evergreen (or hippie phone as Weston refers to it)

Ellie said what?

My parents gave Ellie some new Princess and the Frog underwear for her birthday. They are a girls' size 4 so they are a little big. I washed them so they might shrink a little bit. When they were clean, Ellie tried them on and said, "Look I can wear these now cause my butt's big!"

A sister in the ward came over to bring us a gift and see the new baby. We were talking about how plump Cooper is and she said he was chunky or something. Ellie piped up and yelled, "He's not chunky, he's Cooper Thomas!"

My cousin was changing her little boy's diaper and Ellie was watching curiously. She then said, "He has the same butt as Logan!" I think those were the only two "boy bums" Ellie had seen until Cooper.

Every night when we tuck Ellie in, we tell her goodnight and that we love her. Usually we start the saying "Goodnight, sleep tight." Ellie finishes by saying "Don't let the bugs getcha."

She constantly goes around acting like she's in an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and when she needs something or runs into a problem she calls out, "OH TOODLES!" Then she points somewhere in the room and says, "Here he comes!"

On Sunday, my mom and dad had their little swimming pool out for her to play in when we had finished dinner. It is a constant battle to get that girl to eat, so Grandpa went to get his suit on and go play outside hoping to motivate her to finish. After Grandpa had his suit on and Ellie had finally finished and had her suit on, she turned to Grandma and told her to get her swimsuit on. My mom told her she didn't have one that fit right now and that she wouldn't be joining her in the pool this time. Ellie said, "Come on Grandma. You have to go get naked and do it." I'm 100% sure she meant go get naked and get her swimsuit on, but it just sounded really wrong.