Sunday, April 27, 2008

April, where did it go?

We've had a very busy last few weeks. Shelly (my childhood best friend) and Tyler had their baby, Logan, on April 4th. He is very adorable. We were also able to enjoy LDS general conference that day. Sunday, the 5th, we watched conference again and went to Grandma Jones' house for lunch inbetween sessions. We also had pizza at my parents house for dinner. I just love being "newlyweds". Family seems to feed you a lot more often when you don't have a huge family of your own.

On the 8th, I had the pleasure of hanging out Kathy and Ashley. Kathy and I got pedicures while Ashley was still at work and then we all went to dinner at Famous Dave's. We sat and talked, laughed and giggled like we were in high school again. It's hard to find a time when we can all get together, but we always have fun when we do.

On the 10th, I had another ultrasound. This time it was because my midwife said my fluid was too low in the last ultrasound. For a week before the ultrasound, I was to drink tons of water and lay on my left side for an hour in the morning and an hour in the late afternoon. Luckily I wasn't at school. Can you imagine? "Ok kids, I'm going to lie down now. You make sure you're working for an hour because I can't get up to make sure." My ultrasound showed that my fluid went up so she said she wasn't worried anymore.

Friday, the 11th, Windu got his stitches out and I returned to school to track on for the last time this year. It was a lot harder to put up a classroom this time than it was in January. I survived and the doctor said that Windu should be back to full health two weeks after that (which he definitely is). I'm very glad it didn't take him the full 9-10 weeks to heal! That night we assembled the crib in the extra bedroom. It still isn't ready for a baby, but it will be soon. We'll post pictures once the "nursery" is complete.

Saturday, the 12th, was my birthday. We ended up running around all day. We bought a mattress for the crib and went to about three other stores to go shopping. The day after my birthday was much better. Weston made me pancakes that morning. We had both of our families over for dinner that night. I got a bread maker, scrapbooking tote, season 7of Gilmore Girls, and a gift card to Texas Roadhouse. We all played the playstation 2 game called "Buzz". It's a gameshow with buzzers and everything. It was a lot of fun and much better than my real birthday.

Last Saturday, we attended our first child birthing class and I had my first baby shower thrown by my mom and Aunt Barbara. My mom made a really cute diaper cake and had all of the "shower foods" that I love. I got some really great and helpful gifts from everyone who came. It was so much fun opening things that I'll be using soon for our baby. We are getting anxious to meet him/her, but at the same time we are nervous.

This last week, I had another appointment with my midwife, Paula. She decided to check me and see how things were coming along. I almost wish she hadn't. She told me I was already dialated to a 1 and that I was effaced 60%. I know that doesn't necessarily mean the baby will come any sooner, but it can. So of course I've started to think more about being prepared early for this little bundle of joy. This week at school I'm going to get everything ready for the whole month of May and first week of June just in case. Planning a month's worth of lesson plans is not going to be fun. I'm also packing the hospital bag and installing the car seat base. Call it what you want, but I'm just trying to be prepared. I definitely don't feel like I will be ready either way.

On Friday, I had another shower thrown by my team at school. It was especially fun because the other pregnant lady at school is due the same week as me and we had a joint shower. I liked that more because then I didn't feel like everyone was watching just me the whole time. I always get red and embarrassed at those sorts of things. I got even more things that I know will be useful once the baby is here. Thank you to my team and the first grade team for throwing the shower!

Yesterday was a long day! We went to childbirthing class again (and for the last time). Then we went to Riverton to look at buying a new vehicle. We want to have something that we can bring the dog and baby in when we go places. Right now the dog is in the back seat, but we couldn't imagine having a car seat in the middle of the backseat and a dog. The trunk was a thought for the dog, but not very humane. So, we bought an SUV. Yeah, it was a little shocking and quick, but the price was right and Weston got us financed through Beehive for a low interest rate. It's a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer. It's pewter/dk gray and has enough room in the very back for Windu to ride in as well as the "latch system" for the car seat. Both of our cars are too old to have that. We drove it to the Taylorsville ballpark to watch Marc's game and then to Weston's parents' house for Cameron's birthday dinner.

So, we need to be better about blogging so our posts don't end up this long every time. If you read all of this, I am amazed. If not, then I figure it's more for our journaling purposes anyway.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I Wish We Were Foolin'

Being April Fool's Day and all, I thought I would try to find something funny to joke about and then say "April Fools" at the end of the post. I couldn't think of anything that clever so I thought I would tell about the adventure we have had with our dog's surgery on Friday.

Last Tuesday, we took Windu in for a check-up because he had been sort of limping on his right hind leg for a few weeks. We thought he had Hip Dysplasia, but it ended up being something a lot less serious. They put him under anesthesia to check his leg and did x-rays as well as moving his knee around. HIs x-rays turned out looking very nice- no hip/bone problems. During this exam though the vet found that his knee was popping in and out very easily. She said that he had blown his cranial cruciate ligament (ACL in humans). We scheduled surgery for Friday, but they said that we needed to keep him calm until then to keep him from further damaging the knee.

During surgery, she found that it wasn't that ligament, but a smaller one that is off to the side. She repaired the ligament and hollowed out some of his bone so his knee cap would fit better inside. She also said that they found some ringworm in his ear! This dog is expensive. If anyone knows anyone interested in breeding, we need to make up for a lot of money spent on medical bills.

Friday at about 6:30, we were able to pick up our dog (though he didn't look or act much like Windu). I won't describe too much because there are pictures to show what he looks like, but it was strange. That whole night, he was still coming off of the anesthesia and was very loopy and vocal. I ended up sleeping on the floor next to him in our bedroom. He woke up every five to ten minutes and didn't quite know what was going on. He would whine and whine until I got him to sleep again. There were also about five times when he jumped up and started hobbling around the room crying. He was really "trippin" on his drugs. The vet said that he wouldn't be in pain, his vocalness was a result of him coming off his drugs.

Since Friday, he keeps getting progressively better and more like the dog we used to know. He really wants to play and gets frustrated that we won't let him run or jump. He's getting very bored and lately we've had to leave a cone on his head so he doesn't lick his stitches while we are gone from the house. Since I've been off track, my job is now dog-sitter. This means not only can Windu not play, but neither can I. Like I said, I wish I could say "April Fools"