Monday, June 21, 2010

The Pizza Stop

Missy and I noticed that a new Pizza place had opened on Magna's Main Street (2700 South) named the Pizza Stop. One thing that kind of bugs me about where we live is the fact that we have to drive to 5600 West to go to a sit down restaurant. A pizza parlor might not be the first thing that comes to mind when I mention a sit down restaurant, but it is all I've got. Anyway, the pizza was very good. I wish that we had also ordered some garlic bread, so that we could try more than just our pizza. We like a lot of toppings on our pizza so we went with their combination pizza and we got a lot of toppings, both in variety of toppings and the amount of toppings. They build their pizza with the following method: crust(duh), sauce, toppings, and then cheese. Starting with the crust, it was very good and the sauce was good too. They don't use a sauce that overpowers the ingredients of the pizza, a la Little Caesars before the $5.00 hot and ready pizza. The toppings were great! I swear that the toppings came in between 1/2 and 1 inch thick. (Now I understand that probably had a lot to do with the type of pizza that we ordered, so you "cheese pizza people" are out of luck.) We were very happy to see that they serve not just any sausage on their pizza, but Colosimo's sausage. Which still has a store just down the street from them. It is not as cheap as 5 Buck Pizza, but I liked it a lot better. Does 5 Buck Pizza sell a pizza that is actually $5.00 anymore?