Thursday, May 28, 2009

May so far

Kristan's Graduation
Missy grandma and grandpa Zaugg visited for Kristan's graduation and yes we finally captured a picture of Ellie with her only Great Grandpa. (She has 4 great grandmas and 1 great great grandma) We had a great time visiting with them while they were down here.

Mother's Day
We spent Mother's day at my parents house. Ellie loved the bubbles with grandpa Reynolds.

Ellie with Grandma Reynolds

Later we changed her into her M&M outfit so that we could get a picture with her and uncle Marc both wearing their M&M stuff.

Memorial Weekend
Saturday started pretty much just like any other Saturday with Ellie waking us up early. Missy went on her 7 mile run before it got too hot. When she got back from her run Ellie was napping, so we went outside to work in the yard. That lasted 15 minutes. So I pulled out the lawn mower and weed eater and got the lawn taken care of. We had to go shopping for Ellie's birthday (May 29th), Jimmy's birthday(May 23rd), and two brides-to-be. Later that day Rylee's parents invited us to a BBQ in Jimmy's honor. And we played Washoes
with Rylee's family and neighbors. (If you need an explanation about what it is click on the link.) Sunday we celebrated Jimmy's birthday at the Sorenson's house with Jimmy's favorite sour cream chicken enchiladas.

I think Ellie was a little confused with the iPod. She saw an apple and tried to eat it.

Monday was spent running errands, from grocery shopping, to more birthday shopping, to some shopping for us. We celebrated my Dad's birthday(May 25) with a BBQ at my parents house and enjoyed the time in the shade of their backyard. Ellie chased her uncle Marc around on the grass. She is starting to ignore the grass and enjoy being outside.

Ellie was also chased by the tickle monster(aka Mommy)

That is May so far. We still have two birthdays. Ellie's is friday and my mom's is Sunday and then we have a busy June ahead.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Las Vegas Photos

Here are the pictures taken in Las Vegas by Aspyn Grace Photography

Monday, May 11, 2009


We interrupt the regularly scheduled blog and bring you this explanation/cause of the recent lack of posts. April 25th we were at my parents house celebrating my brother's birthday. We had dinner, dessert, and opened presents. Ellie was getting tired so we started packing up our things and loading up the trailblazer. On our way home everything was normal. We pulled into the garage and Missy grabbed the diaper bag and headed into the house as I took Ellie out of the car. Then Missy screamed something like, "We have been robbed!" No, she was not kidding. When I walked in, I saw the less valuable content of our entertainment center on the floor. They even pulled out the spoon we use to keep Ellie out of the cabinets below the TV. Apparently they didn't like anything there. They left the TV, DVD player, VCR (I know, I know, what is that?), PS2, Stereo, DVDs, PS2 games, dance mats, buzzers, and anything else that we usually keep there. From that room they did take Missy's laptop from school that has all of our pictures on it and her iPod. Next I looked in our bedroom. They must not have found what they were looking for, or they thought that we must hide the really valuable stuff. They emptied out our dresser drawers. Threw the bedding off of the bed. Lifted the mattress, stole a pillow case and also took both of our cameras and the case we kept them in, my PSP with 5 or 6 games, my power adapter for my laptop (which was in the front room feet from Missy's, but it was in it's case), Missy's $300 breast pump and her scriptures from when she was baptized. I think that is everything that they took. They got in through the back door, which they broke. Yes, the door was dead-bolted. You might be wondering where Windu was while this was happening. Locked in his kennel in the backyard. The tore our baby gate down, I guess they weren't smart enough to figure out how to just open the door on the thing. They tracked mud down our stairs. I guess that they thought they would go after the really valuable stuff downstairs. I bet they were surprised when they found an unfinished basement! They left out the front door, by simply unlocking it. The neighbors told the officer that Windu was barking a lot around 8 pm, but because he always barks they didn't think anything of it. In Windu's defense, he only barks when someone is out front. It just so happens that there is almost always some neighborhood kids in the street out in front of our house.

So we spent our Sabbath ripping out our old door and putting in a new one. Now Windu has free reign of our backyard, so watch out. That is the reason for not posting in a while and hopefully we will be returning to our regularly scheduled blogs even if Easter was a month ago.