Friday, December 12, 2008

It's been WAY too long!

Sorry it took us so long to post again. We both have been very busy.

Thanksgiving was at the Sorenson house this year. We all ate way too much. Ellie got to have some pieces of roll and I think my dad fed her some cool whip or something. Her Thanksgiving dinner was sweet potatoes, rice cereal, and milk. My mom bought Ellie the cute outfit featured in these pictures. The feet were the cutest part. One foot said "Little" and the other said "Turkey." Jimmy brought his girlfriend Riley and I wished I had taken more pictures of everyone.

Ellie turned 6 months old on the 29th of November. I can't believe it has been that long. Some of the milestones Ellie hit between five and six months are:

sitting unassisted if you place her that way first
jumping- in her jumping chair, on your lap, pretty much anywhere
army crawling since mid-November
eating fruits and vegetables (so far no allergies)
drinking from a cup (with a huge mess)

Her favorite things to play with are plastic bags (with supervision of course), any kind of cord, cell phones, computers, remote controls, tupperware lids and big serving spoons, Weston's playstation controllers, anything paper-this makes it especially hard to grade papers for school, markers, Windu's crate, tags, and the list goes on and on.  

Ellie's first attempt to feed herself banana.  
What a mess!  Yes, that is banana above her eyebrow as well as up her nose.  
Even though you can't see it, it is even in her armpit.  I don't think she actually ate any of it.

One week ago, I laid Ellie down for the night and expected her to be asleep shortly.  The first noises I heard, I walked in her bedroom and her hand was on her crib rail.  I put her back down, put her binky back in, comforted her and then left.  The next time I checked on her this is what I saw:

She had managed to pull herself up and was standing there with a huge grin on her face.  A few weeks prior to this, we had lowered the crib because she was grabbing her mobile and pulling it down to suck on.  I think the crib is as low as it goes, but we're not sure.  There's another hole way down at the bottom.  She insists on climbing up every time she is in her crib.  This is making nap time difficult and I have had to let her cry in the middle of the night.  She thinks it's really fun to let go and fall in her crib.  She laughs every time.  

Since that day (in one week), Ellie has mastered pulling herself up on just about everything.  She has even realized she doesn't have to fall backward to get down.  She pulls herself up and walks along the edges of Grandma Reynolds' couch.  She has also explored Grandma Sorenson's coffee table, the entertainment center, our bed, Windu's crate, the diaper bag, the vacuum, etc.  Pretty much anything she can get to, she will climb up.  During the same last week, Ellie has been using her knees a lot more to crawl.  She no longer looks like a little an inch worm.  I just can't believe how fast she is learning this stuff.  No doubt she'll be walking before we know it!

Monday, December 8, 2008

VB BV VC V (A post from Ellie)

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As I was trying to finally post about what has happened in the last month, Ellie insisted on helping. She's going to be just like her daddy!