Thursday, June 26, 2008

4 weeks old already!

At this very minute that I am blogging (3:38 p.m.), Ellie is 4 weeks old exactly. I didn't plan it to be at the exact time, that was coincidental. I can't believe it was four weeks ago that she came into our lives. She is doing very well. At her last doctor's appointment, she weighed 7 pounds and 15 ounces and was 21 inches long, but that was two weeks ago. I think she weighs at least 8 and 1/2 pounds by now, but I'm not sure. We are getting better sleep (especially Weston- he sleeps through nighttime feedings) and she really only wakes up twice during the night. She is getting a little bit fussy in the evenings, but I've read that's pretty normal. We are trying to do tummy time, but it's hard to remember and she's only now starting to like it. One of our favorite things she does is laugh in her sleep. She gets a huge "gummy-grin" on her face and starts to breathe heavy like a dog panting. It's so funny we can't help but laugh. Ellie is starting to make more noises that aren't crying and it's fun to mimic her. She has been a lot of fun and we are excited to watch her grow even more.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The mail-to-blogger feature worked about as well as I had expected. The image was just an attachment in my email. It used the default size for my image and automatically placed in at the top of the post, which is fine for the type of post you would do via email. I was impressed. Although, I watched other people's blog lists to see when it would update there and I don't know if blogger looks at those differently, but I didn't see an update until this morning.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This is a test this is only a test.

I decided to try out the mail-to-blogger to see just how well it would work. I really wanted to test it with a picture of Ellie. Here goes.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's Been One Week ...

The last week has been a big one for both of us. Rather, all three of us. Ellie is now a week old and we have lost about a week's worth of sleep it seems like. Napping during the day just isn't the same as getting a full nights rest. We have been getting a lot of hits here to our blog and the only thing I can figure is that everyone likes to look at Ellie's pictures. Here are some more pictures from the last week.

Here is Ellie in one of her pink sleepers.

Ellie had her first visit to the pediatriacian today.

The next two are proof that Ellie isn't always sleeping or just chillin' she has her moments.

Windu has a problem with me doing sit-ups. He finally had to put his foot down.

My Favorite Things

During this last week, there have been a few things that I need to mention that I absolutely love and couldn't live without.

1. Gilmore Girls- During the first part of labor, I watched episodes from season 7 to keep me occupied.
2. Christi- She was my nurse during labor & delivery and she watched out for me well. We went to Junior High and High School together (she was one year older than me) and she was so attentive to my needs. I am also very grateful for Paula, my midwife. After all she was the one who actually got Ellie out of me.
3. EPIDURALS- I wasn't sure if I would want one because I've never been in any real pain in my whole life. Three words: Just do it. It didn't hurt or scare me at all and I get queasy about needles. Just don't focus on what they are doing. I felt so great after they pumped those drugs into me! I wasn't even really aware that I was having contractions.
4. The nursery- They were able to take Ellie when both Weston and I thought we might die from exhaustion.
5. Real food- Since I've never been admitted to the hospital before, I never realized how bad the food really is. It wasn't as bad as school lunch was as a kid, but. . .
6. Visitors- It was so fun to have people visit the baby and give us something to do besides watch TV. We have had quite a few visitors and we are grateful to everyone who has brought dinners, gifts, and especially company.
7. Lanolin- If you don't know what it's for I'll spare you the details.
8. Lots of diapers- Ellie went through three diapers in 10 minutes yesterday. As soon as I was done changing her, she would mess another one.
9. Weston- He has done so much to help me take care of Ellie. He is the best support and help that I could ask for. Our third anniversary was yesterday and I'm so thankful that he chose me to be sealed to for eternity. I love him with all my heart. Thank you sweetie.
10. Ellie- We are so blessed to have such a perfect and beautiful little girl. She is so precious and we can't believe how much of a miracle she is. All of the recovery and readjusting is very much worth it when I look at her cute smiling face.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

More of Ellie

I looked through the pictures that we have taken of Ellie and these are some of our favorites.

Ellie Day 3

Sweet Dreams

Ellie in her Teddy Bear Outift

Ellie's Grandma Reynolds brought her some bows. Here she is showing off the rose bud headband.

Ellie Day 2

Ellie ready to go home from the hospital

Ellie Day 1

Ellie resting in Mom's arms.