Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our Newest Tradition!

I should just cut and paste last year's Valentine post here because this year is no different. The only things that are missing are sinus infections. Oh, and this year we added Ellie being sick too.

My mom and dad asked if they could babysit Ellie tonight while we went out to do something. I was thinking about having them watch her just so we can sleep and get rid of our colds. We probably won't end up doing anything eventful. We do need to find some kind of tradition, but I don't think being sick should be it.

On a happy note, Weston got me (us) tickets to go see Phantom of the Opera at Hale Center Theatre for Valentine's Day. Our tickets aren't until April 18th, but I'm really excited to go.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

3-D Superbowl Glasses

We watched the Superbowl at Mom and Dad Sorenson's house without them this year. They were returning from a Caribbean cruise, but we wanted to use their new TV. We also raided their goodie stash. Kristan made the awesome 7-layer bean dip and we brought French Dip sandwiches. I used my timer on the camera to get this shot. I'm awesome, huh? I only wish Ellie would've let us put glasses on her.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Ellie's Balloon

Ellie's balloon was finally popped yesterday. She has had it since Great Grandma Reynolds' 80th birthday party the first week in NOVEMBER! It stayed afloat for three months. It had been drifting across the floor for about a week when I finally popped it because I had stamp club at my house yesterday. She had many fun times with that balloon. We tied it to her high chair and almost every time she sat there, she played with it. I don't think she'll miss it or even remember, but we thought we would pay tribute to the longest lasting balloon we've ever seen. Farewell to her squeaky, bouncy, tasty purple friend.