Thursday, August 13, 2009

Family Reunion 09

August means another Sorenson Family Reunion. Except this year Missy's parents were in charge. We spend 4 days and 3 nights in Swan Valley, ID. We stayed at the Sleepy J Cabins, complete with Dish Network for each of the 10 cabins, wifi and a big screen TV in the lodge. That is my kind of camping! Missy's parents kept the planned activities to bare minimum so that people could go and do whatever they wanted. We arrived Thursday and unpacked the Trailblazer and made our way up to Jackson Hole, WY for dinner. We ate at the Mountain High Pizza Pie and were very satisfied with their pizza. Friday the only thing besides meals and the sing-a-long that was scheduled was the adult craft. Missy and Kristan were in charge of the craft and I think they picked a good one. Saturday 12 of us went golfing at Pinecrest Golf Course in Idaho Falls while the kids did their craft. For dessert that night we made s'mores and followed that up with another sing-a-long. Sunday morning we had breakfast, packed our bags, cleaned up, and headed home. It was a great family reunion, but I was golfing during the kids craft.

Missy and I at Jackson Hole

Mountain High Pizza Pie in Jackson Hole

A small water fall in Swan Valley

Meal time at the family Reunion

Ellie really likes corn on the cob

Ellie driving Uncle Jimmy's Razor

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

July 2009
Can You Say BBQ?

July was also a busy month, but I don't think that it was quite as busy as June. We started off July with a bang. How does 4 BBQ's in 4 days sound? My brother Todd and his wife Brooke were in town for a WGU conference from July 2nd until the 11th. On the 2nd we had BBQ #1 with the Jones side of my family because some cousins that live out of state were visiting for various reasons. Todd and Brooke live in Kansas City and I must say that they have picked up some mad BBQ skills. We went over to my parents house for a real KC BBQ on the 3rd (BBQ #2). Todd and Brooke made everything including a peanut butter chocolate cake (they said that it didn't turn out right, but it was still good.) On the 4th Missy and I had both of our families over for a BBQ(#3) and to watch Magna's fireworks from our front yard. I finished one set of Wa-shoe boards and found the 3 1/2 inch OD washers. We made way too much food, but we had a great time and the fireworks that Magna put on were actually quite a bit better than I had expected. On the 5th we went my Grandma Reynolds house for BBQ #4. I think that everyone must have been tired of hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, etc. so the menu was kind of a fajita bar followed by drumstick ice cream cones and creamies.

Tuesday the 7th I took Missy, Ellie, Todd, Brooke, Marc, and Marc's date to the Bees Game. They lost, but the at least made it a game in the bottom of the ninth inning. We watched my little brother Marc in a few of his baseball games that week and had to say goodbye to Todd and Brooke at breakfast on Saturday morning at the Original Pancake House.

The next week Jimmy had a weekend at the Wolf Creek Resort near Eden, Utah. Jimmy and Rylee had both sides of their family up for the weekend. Ellie got to show off her new swimming suit, Missy went horseback riding with the girls, and I went golfing with the boys.
We went over to my parents' house for the 24th for dinner and fireworks and Windu became the pround parent of 11.
So maybe July was more busy than June.