Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cooper's 8-12 months

8 months
Cooper started crawling a few days after turning 8 months.  
We haven't been able to keep him still since. 

 He also got his first teeth (two on the same day) shortly after turning 8 mo.
This picture was taken a lot closer to 9 mo. though.

 9 months
 Cooper loves "playing" with Ellie's kitchen.  Most of the time, it involves dumping out all of the drawers and making a huge mess.  He likes the buttons and sounds.  His favorite foods to "eat" are the hotdogs (teeth marks prove how much he loves them) and french fries.

 Cooper also discovered the telephone around this time.  Whenever you tell him to say "Hello," he puts his hand up to his ear and says "H-oh"  He LOVES playing with cell phones and carries on pretend conversations especially with his grandmas and grandpas.


 10 months
Cooper took his first steps shortly after turning 10 months.  He was so happy with himself.  


 11 months
This photo was taken when we had a sweltering day in April and just had to set up the pool.  
He looks pretty tough, huh?
 riding on Grandma's cooler. :)


12 months
We just had Cooper's pictures taken yesterday (on his birthday) at Foto fly. 
 The did an awesome job!  Love them.


All about Cooper at 12 months:
His stats-  25.5 lbs    head- 46 cm  height- 29 inches
Food Cooper loves to eat-  maybe I should list everything he doesn't like.  The list would be a lot shorter.  He loves to eat anything we are eating.  He really likes bread, strawberries, ice cream, french fries, anything to drink (including sips of soda pop), crackers, cookies, cheerios, green beans, chicken, spaghetti, olives, ham, cheese, cheese puff snacks, pancakes, and apples.  I'm sure there are more, but I can't remember them all.  He does not like mashed potatoes and canned baby food meat.
Sign language he knows- milk, baby, more. 
Words he can say- mamma, dadda, dog dog, hi, bye bye, grandma (maa mah), grandpa (maam-pa),  Ellie (pretty slurred) 
Things he knows-  Cooper knows what a baseballs and regular balls are and will get one when you ask him.  He knows some animal sounds like cow, horse, dog, and dinosaur.  He will lay down and put his head down when you tell him to " Go Night-night."  He knows what to do when you say "Arms up" and "High five".  He will show you his tongue and teeth.  When I ask him what is in his mouth, he will spit it out so I can see.  When he is hungry, I will ask him what he wants and he signs "milk".  We think he is a very smart little guy. 
Things that melt our hearts- Cooper is very snuggly.  He gives the best sloppy kisses, and pats your back.  He also blows kisses and has just learned how to smell flowers.   
Songs he loves to sing-  Cooper has always loved to hear Ellie sing "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree"  He can do the hand actions to a lot of the song now too.  He loves Patty cake and really loves to dance to anything with a good beat.  

So far, Cooper really loves his big sister.  She is such a fun person to play with when she isn't trying to be his mother.  Right now we are trying to teach Cooper not to hit and bite.  He is trying to test us to see if we will react.  I certainly miss my little baby already!

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  1. I really really really like the picture of him in the swimming pool :). It made me laugh outloud! I can't believe you have a one year old already. That seemed to go by so fast! It's not fair how quickly they grow up and become more and more independent. Tim is always teaching Emmy new things to do and it makes me sad. I wish she'd slow down a little! I look at Jack and he's already so big and it doesn't seem like I've had him very long!
    We had Fotofly do Jack's newborns...I loved them too! We're definitely taking Emmy there for her two year pictures :).
    Lets get together soon my friend! It was so good to see you a couple weeks ago!