Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cooper's 1st Birthday!

Wake up call!  Cooper rolled out of his crib at 9:00
We got him all ready for his birthday photo shoot at Foto fly

Photo shoot from 10:30-1:30

On the way home, Cooper took a nap (1:30- 3:45)

Coop played with sister and helped mess up the house for our guests while Mommy made the cakes.  1 for Cooper to destroy, 1 for the rest of us to eat. (3:45-6:00)
Cooper's cake

Everyone else's cake

7:00  Cooper greeted everyone and played with his new balloon from Grandma Reynolds

7:30 Dinner time!  Cooper ate rolls, chicken, strawberries, and milk


Cake!  We were surprised that he didn't dig in right away.  A few weeks ago, he demolished a piece of cake.  We probably should've just cut him a piece and he might've gone crazy with it.

The after-party (aka tubby time)

Thanks to Grandma & Grandpa Sorenson, Grandma & Grandpa Reynolds, Uncle Cam & Aunt Leila, Uncle Jimmy & Aunt Rylee & Dax for coming to celebrate with us.  We were so glad that Cooper was able to be surrounded by our family for his special day.
After everyone went home, our little family watched a movie together and went to bed.  Cooper had an awesome birthday!  We love our little guy!


  1. What a cute little guy! Happy 1st year birthday Cooper! You are amazing to make 2 cakes, carved even (I'm not nearly that creative or industrious)! I just let the kids demolish their own piece!

  2. Can't believe he's already a year old! We love Fotofly. They are awesome!